Licensed Star Wars Museum Replicas Imperial Officer Jacket Green Or Black

   The ensembles we have recreated have had nothing spared and have taken months to research. Each is hand made of a similar material as the ones worn on screen in The Empire Strikes Back (the original material being no longer available). The garments are a heavy, custom dyed. 100% cotton weave with full satin lining just like the originals with every single snap and eye & loop closure sewn-in as the originals had for proper fit. The complete ensemble as worn on screen, using the existing cut-patterns from Lucasfilm archives and recreated here includes dickie (half undershirt- yep ...


Licensed Star Wars Luke Skywalker Rotj Costume Ensemble Museum Replicas

   Nothing was spared in the months needed to source material, perfect cut-patterns, painstakingly custom dye and reproduce the intricate detail on what on the surface is a simple outfit- compared to other Jedi. Every layer worn on screen is replicated and includes the shirt, vest, pants. The reference material available was exhaustive and the expertise of the Lucasfilm archive staff invaluable in getting each detail correct, even the ones not visible on screen. The best materials have been used, and even the weight of the fabrics have been custom dyed and matched. Outfit includes ...


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